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This website is full of all sorts of interesting facts about Japan and Japanese culture.  What do you find most interesting or surprising?


Welcome to the Japan Study Abroad Blog!

I’m excited to be posting our very first entry in the first Landmark Japan Study Abroad blog. Be sure to “follow” this blog for important information as we prepare for the trip and pictures and comments that will be posted during our three weeks in Japan.

It was great to meet eight of the 14 students in our group who were able to come to a group dinner last week at Panda North. We enjoyed some Asian food together and talked about our reasons for joining the trip.

Be sure to mark your calendars for our first class meeting, Friday May 15 1-4 pm!7594364130_afbea7c1f5_z

This large torii gate marks the entrance to Meiji Shrine. During our stay in Tokyo we’ll be staying at the National Youth Center which borders the Meiji park.


We’ll be staying a 30 minute walk from this well known location, Shibuya crossing.