Traveling from Narita to Tokyo

On Monday we awoke in time to take advantage of an extensive buffet breakfast before departing for the airport where we took a bus to Tokyo station.  The breakfast included things we expect in the U.S. such as eggs, pancakes, yogurt, granola and toast.  In addition though there were new items like pickled plums, miso soup, and seaweed. There were also selections that as North Americans we normally associate with meals other than breakfast like french fries and spaghetti. Many of the students were very adventurous and tried things they’d never eaten before for breakfast.IMG_0802C.Herbert

Connie and Clark enjoy some Japanese food for breakfast.


C. Herbert

Katie wasn’t expecting a green soda for breakfast.

IMG_0791C. Herbert

There was even a vitamin bar.

IMG_2610R. Wilmot

We’re finally in Tokyo!

We rode a train across town to Shinjuku, the busiest train station in the world, and then found our last train that took us to “our” station, Sangubashi.




We arrived at the National Olympics Youth Center in time to get some lunch in the cafeteria. When we attempted to check into our rooms after lunch we learned for the first time that we could not do so until 3 pm and that it was required that we submit a detailed schedule in Japanese for each day of our stay before we’d be able to receive our room keys.  Ben and Ruth spent the next hour and a half making good use of their combined Japanese skills to create an acceptable schedule and we finally received our room keys.  The good news was that we all have single rooms.  It was a long day but we were all excited to finally have reached the destination we had anticipated for so long.


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