A Walk to Meiji Shrine and Harajuku area

On Tuesday we held our first classroom meeting.  Our classroom is on the 5th floor with a hazy view of the Tokyo skyline. There are numerous classrooms being used for a variety of purposes.  Here’s the sign for ours and the view inside our classroom.


The students learned about Shintoism and prepared for their first visit to a Shinto shrine. After lunch we then met to walk through Yoyogi park and to the entrance of the Meiji Shrine.

DSC_1255Photo by C. Herbert

After participating in the purification rite of pouring water over you hands, we walked through yet another torii gate. There some students chose to purchase good luck items.

DSC_1267C. Herbert


Just before we were planning to leave the shrine we found ourselves in the midst of a traditional Shinto wedding ceremony!

DSC_1282C. Herbert

The rest of the afternoon students were free to explore the Harjuku area nearby before we met for a group dinner. Takeshita Street was a major attraction.

IMG_2687Our dinner was traditional okonomiyaki, a sort of cook your own savory pancake!

IMG_2697 DSC_1329 DSC_1330

  IMG_2701 IMG_2702DSC_1333


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