We’re finally settled at the Olympic Village

Students got their first taste of the public transit system in Tokyo today as we traveled by subway, public and private train today to reach the National Olympic Memorial Youth Center where we’ll be staying the next six nights as well as our final week in Japan. It was so much easier traveling without dealing with the rain we experienced yesterday. 

Christie taught a class in the afternoon until we were able to check into our rooms. We walked around the “campus”and Christie pointed out where the public bath and laundry facilities were located. 

We ended our day with our first group meal at a soba noodle shop in our nearby “town” of Sangubashi and a trip to the local grocery store. 


2 thoughts on “We’re finally settled at the Olympic Village

    • We’ve only been in two hotels but in both cases we were able to control the temperature in the rooms at night and didn’t find them particularly cold. In fact the only time I’ve worn a light sweater was on an air-conditioned bus for a short time.


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