Student blog post #2 First week reflection

Today’s post comes from Elizabeth Bellingham. 

 At last we have completed our first week in Japan and it is amazing how fast time has flown by. Both Christie and Ruth have been incredibly helpful and have made the transition between time-zones and culture incredibly smooth for all of us.

So far the trip to Japan has been an experience unlike any other where we are all truly being immersed into the Japanese culture. We began our trip by learning a few phrases to help us get by and then we jumped in to the history, influences of Buddhism and Shintoism – seen in most all aspects of life here in Japan. At heart, I believe the Japanese to be Romantics – seeing beauty in all aspects of life. Their attention to the cycle of life, what is unseen and nature is captivating and contagious. From simple items you buy at the store, to food you buy at a restaurant, to the train stations, everything seems to be carefully thought out with care. The amount of focus and attention simply makes the simplicities in life have tremendous value and demand respect.

I realize that the first week is merely just the beginning of our endeavors here in Japan and I look forward to what comes next. 

Elizabeth took this photo this evening of Tokyo from the roof of Ueno station after spending the afternoon exploring the area. 


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