Student blog #3   A capsule hotel experience 

Today’s blog post comes from Chris Leong. Today was our first ‘free’ day so students did everything from laundry to exploring the fish market at Tsukiji and experiencing the crowds in Shibuya. Chris choose to share an experience he had in Japan before the group arrived. 

During the group’s stayed in Japan, I have noticed how the Japanese value clean and modern aesthetics with practicality while using as little space as possible on all its small art like sake jars and even hang out spaces like cafes and corner stores. However, no other places that I have stayed in were as cramped and modern as the capsule hotel that I stayed in on the night before I met up with the study abroad group. When I first entered the dim neon lit hall of cubicles, I was greeted to something that would look like a locker room. However, one of those so called “lockers” was my room. The small room felt like a small diorama as the walls had an imprinted icon on the veneer wood panel walls, the color of the bed matched the walls nicely while blue neon lit cubicle numbers made it feel like a bed from the future. It felt like a tomb compared to other rooms, yet considering it had the bare necessities of a room like a bed and even a small TV for $70; I couldn’t complain. Although I wouldn’t stay in the capsule hotel for more than a night; the way it feels to be in a place where cleanliness with modern aesthetics that meets functionality and affordability felt like I was part of an art piece. 


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