Student Blog #4 A Visit to an Anime Manga Store

As students pack up to be ready for Monday morning’s departure for Kyoto, Harrison McGuire tells us about his trip to a well known anime and manga store. 

 ​For most of the week I was anticipating going to the Tokyo district of Akihabura, a district known for both its electronics and its high focus on Anime and manga. The premiere anime manga store there is called Animate (shown in the picture).When I first heard of this store I had envisioned something like a small Walmart or Best Buy except with its inventory being comprised of mostly anime and manga merchandise. When I actually reached Animate I was surprised. In terms of the surface area of the store itself it couldn’t be much larger than a very small apartment; however, to make up for this the building was seven stories tall. As I expected it was full of merchandise and despite the small space each floor was bustling with customers, although the space seemed to be laid out a bit randomly and probably could have been organized more efficiently. The second observation I made about the store is that the actual shows on CDs or DVDs did not seem to be organized by genre, leading to a few awkward moments when I would be looking at cds of the soundtracks of some of my favorite adventure series, and then take two steps and be standing right in front of posters for a pornography series, immediately sidestepping out of the aisle and awkwardly pretending to read signs that were completely in Japanese. Overall an interesting experience but definitely one I was not expecting.




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