Student Blog Post #7 A Trip to Tsukiji Fish Market

Tommy Silva participated in an optional field trip to visit Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market last weekend. The following are his observations:

Seeing the fish market was an amazing experience. It was crowded on every street and people were trying to buy fish that they liked. It is the largest fish market in Japan and it will be moving to a different location at the end of the year. There is an auction from 4:30 to 9 am. I thought it was interesting how shop and restaurant owners greeted you every time you went in or out of their store. They presented the food to customers in a way that was visually appealing. People would stand outside holding flyers for their restaurant to try and make you come in. Owners were engaging with the customers to explain what the food was. The Japanese cooks prepared the food right in front of you or heated it up so it would stay fresh. There was freshly cut tuna that was sold by the pound. Finishing off the visit to the fish market by  eating some fresh sushi was a great way to end the morning.Tommy’s photo of the fish

Tommy and Cris enjoying some fresh fish. 


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