Student Blog Post #9 A Visit to the Fushimi-no-Inari Shrine

We’ve returned to the Olympic Village in Tokyo for our final week in Japan. We still have a number of student blog posts and several will be about experiences we had during our week in Kyoto. Today we hear from Harrison McGuire regarding one of  his experiences in Kyoto. 

Yesterday we visited Fushimi-no-Inari Shrine in Kyoto. It was a beautiful place with paths going down through the woods and two main walkways going up its length. On my way up I was both extremely exhausted (it was a very long climb) and impressed by the many fox shines I passed by. However the real highlight of my day was when I took a wrong turn down a steep hill. I had assumed that this would take me down a scenic route through the forest to the main shine at the bottom of the mountain. Fortunately for me this path, while it curiously took me past a few people’s houses, eventually led me to a large bamboo forest. It was amazing– all of the trees seemed to move in tandem with each other, and emitted the same sound like a million doors creaking at the same time. I was incredibly moved by it, and as opposed to the path where I had been stopping to take pictures every few minutes, here I only stopped to take two, choosing instead to enjoy the ambiance. Of course while I absolutely loved the experience of finding and observing the beautiful bamboo forest, discovering that the bamboo forest led to a dead end and having to climb up half the mountain again is a an experience I could have done without.

Here’s a few pictures of the Fushimi-no-Inari Shrine that we visited. 

Andrew, Elizabeth, Will and our blog author. Harrison. 


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