Student Blog Post #11 Japanese Transportation Runs on Time

Today our blog post is by Andrew Swift who shares his observations of Japan. 

The Japanese schedules are very precise; trains and busses run right on time. Today I went to the train station in Akihabara to return to the Olympic Village. The schedule said the train was going to leave at 16 minutes past. I looked at my watch and it was 13 minutes past. We waited a few minutes then the train left exactly 3 minutes later. Another time we were waiting for a bus right in front of the Golden Pavilion in Kyoto. There was a schedule that told us when the bus would come and it came right on time. In addition to the busses I have also noticed that the food gets served faster than it does in the U.S. Most of the restaurants I have been to here are small and they need to get people in and out. Since we’re in one of the biggest metropolitan areas in the world it makes sense for schedules to be maintained and organized. I’d like to suggest that some American cities like Los Angeles would be better if they had more on time transportation systems.

This is the bus we can catch in front of the Olympic Village to get to Shibuya. The cost is about the same as 2 US dollars and we can use the same transportation debit card to ride  trains, subways and busses all over the country including Tokyo and Kyoto. 


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