Student Blog Post #13 The Bullet Train

Final student presentations and packing for the trip home occupy our time today, Friday. Meanwhile Tommy Silva shares his trip on the Shinkansen or Bullet Train. 

The bullet train was an interesting experience. It is the fastest train in Japan and I would have to say it’s faster than any train in America. The fastest that the bullet train gets up to is 230km. That is 375 mph which is nearly as fast as an airplane. Before we had to get on the train, there were cleaners that only had 7 minutes to clean all the carts. It was cool to see how fast they cleaned it. It had that airplane type of feeling to it because of the seats and tray tables. There were even food carts. On the ride back from Kyoto we saw Mount Fuji. Even though we could only see the top of Mount Fuji it was still interesting seeing a volcano that has been active for 100 years now.

Christie shares a picture of the ‘pink’ cleaners. 

The group waiting at Kyoto station. The author, Tommy, faces the camera ( photo by Ruth.)

Finally Ruth shares this video of the train coming into Kyoto station. 


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